“I wish to give my explanation of Tantra massage; explanation felt on skin, explanation escaping from the soul, because soul and inwardness is mainly the structure of a good tantric massage. The technique, without other components, never will be excellent in order to transmit well-being.

In a very simple way, for a holistic operator to practice this massage means knowledge of himself and the other: two strangers meet, they bare from clothes, these represent the shield from heat and cold but are also a psychological barrier, removing them means to drop our defenses and all our worries.

These techniques allow us to disconnect even briefly from our world. During the massage you return to a primordial state: energy and light. Two dancing lights that join and become energy. You feel a “lava flow” with all its warmth and unity that slides into mother earth ready to receive it. Devastating poignant but fascinating and irresistible. It’s a message of love in a love massage without sex. The definition that can be given to a tantra masseuse are all these features and also: is light like a cloud but full of water. ”

The Tantric massage is meant to lead one to a sensory experience of listening to the Self, expansion and elevation of the individual consciousness, therefore greater self-awareness. It represents a unique combination of energy and spirituality.

The life force tied to Sakral-Chakra is put into vibration and distributed throughout the body.